Executive Member Highlight #3: Hanna Dudsic


Welcome to our first blog post of the quarter! We are oh-so-excited to greet you back with our content that serves as an introduction to the world of diverse suppliers. Along with that, we are going to highlight SDP's executive members that have maintained their passion towards this program and its purpose. 


For this week's Executive Member Highlight, we are showcasing our Brand Awareness Committee Lead, Hanna Dudsic, and her background and initial interest in bringing awareness to local diverse suppliers. Hanna is a Junior at University of Washington studying International Studies. She has been involved with Supplier Diversity Program ever since her freshman year. Besides being committed to SDP, Hanna is also part of the longstanding Business Fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. Through that club, she is able to develop important professional skills and form long-lasting bond with an inclusive community of driven people at UW. Her outgoing personality and love for her school community drive her to become a FIG Leader for the upcoming fall quarter to welcome and guide freshmen in their college career. In addition, she's currently interning at a women-owned marketing consulting firm, which exemplifies her support and passion in bringing awareness to diverse suppliers.


                         To read more about Hanna, refer to the interview below: 

How did you hear about Supplier Diversity?

Freshman year, I was a student consultant in the Business Impact Group where our quarter-long project involved consulting the UW Board of Regents on how to increase student awareness around supplier diversity. The BDP (Business Diversity Program) works with the various colleges to increase the procurement of products and food from diverse owned businesses, but faced difficulty in getting those in charge of procurement to change their purchasing habits. They instead believe that when students care about an issue, others will take note and make a stronger effort to buy from diverse suppliers. Megan, our first club advisor, emailed a few of her contacts over the summer asking if they wanted to continue the project by creating a club on campus to continue working on this mission. 

What motivates you to continue evolving the Supplier Diversity program at UW? 

What motivates me is not only thinking about the potential of our organization and how it can grow, but also already seeing the direct impact our organization has on its committee members. Everyone involved in the club is now much more conscious about their buying habits, and many are personally passionate about our mission.

Why is promoting to the public regarding local diverse suppliers important to you?


Supplier diversity is important to me because it means setting an example and creating opportunity for those to follow their dreams. I believe buying from diverse suppliers supports and encourages business owners to build something new, and that businesses benefit from diverse teams. The economy and community also benefits tremendously from supplier diversity. 

What was your first memory of being in Supplier Diversity? 

I have two memories that really stand out to me throughout my time with the SDP! One was with the exec team during one of our brainstorming sessions, where we ate tacos (from a diverse small business!) and drank lemonade. I feel as though we truly bonded and got a lot closer and look back on it very fondly. The second - I suppose it isn't so much a memory - has been my time with the brand awareness committee winter quarter! I have so much love and appreciate for all of the committee members, they truly all bring a great perspective to the table! 

Who/what inspires your work ethic?

I am really motivated by my values and interests, and think that when you do things with passion, it truly makes a difference. People who actively try to solve problems and add a little good into the world through small actions really inspire me, and I have seen this in my peers! They truly inspire my work ethic. It's incredible seeing how much everyone involved in this organization really cares, and actively tries to make the experience of all joining the club a positive one. 


What are your plans after college? Will you try to continue to promote Supplier Diversity?

I'm really interested in pursuing a career in product marketing because of my love for strategic thinking, and crafting a narrative or go-to market strategy surrounding a product. However, one day, I do hope to start my own business or work at a mission-driven company that seeks to create opportunity (as broad as that is right now). Supplier diversity is growing a lot and is now on the radar of large companies, and I think this will continue to be a trend moving forward. I would love to continue promoting supplier diversity out in the workforce after graduation.

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