Executive Member Highlight #1: Renee Ren

Welcome to SDP's first Executive Member Highlight! This is a chance for readers to get to know the people who help lead the Supplier Diversity program in UW by discovering their underlying ambition, inspiration, and background. For our first ever blog post and Executive Member Highlight, we are introducing Renee Ren, the Director of Internal Relations. 

Renee is a Sophomore at UW, studying Business Administration with focus in Finance and International Business (Spanish Track). As a freshman direct to Foster, she is exposed to the ambitious and career-driven community at such an early part of her college journey. With many clubs and activities that Foster offers, she is interested in extracurriculars that can help build her professional skills, allow her to share her passion in business, and be apart of an engaging and inspiring community. She is a part of the Global Case Competition Club (GC3)AKPsi (a business fraternity), and of course, Supplier Diversity

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To hear more about Renee's passion and background with Supplier Diversity, read her interview below: 

How did you hear about Supplier Diversity?

I heard about Supplier Diversity Program from a Facebook flyer last year. It was my first quarter at UW, and I was looking for extracurricular activities to get involved in. Supplier Diversity sounded like a cool cause to me, so I applied for the program. After joining the program, I have learned a lot about what Supplier Diversity really entails and why it is such an importance cause to fight for.

What motivates you to continue evolving the Supplier Diversity program at UW? 

I would like to spread the word about Supplier Diversity and educate more people about the movement. In addition, I really love working with the people in the program. Everyone is driven, talented and truly passionate about Supplier Diversity.

Why is promoting to the public regarding local diverse suppliers important to you?

Small and diverse businesses are often at a disadvantage because they lack the access to resources, exposure and technical expertise that big corporations have. It is important to support them because they make up a large percentage of our local economy, and our collective efforts will make a difference.

What was your first memory of being in Supplier Diversity? 

I remember attending leadership meetings at the MacKenzie Conference room last fall quarter. We brainstormed on the white board to plan out the program structure and potential projects that we can work on. It was where the program started, and I am really proud to see how much it has grown ever since.

Who/what inspires your work ethic?

I am always inspired by the people around me. There are students from diverse majors, such as business and design, in the Supplier Diversity Program. These students bring their unique perspectives and skillsets to the program, and it is truly motivating to see how we all work together for the same cause.

What are your plans after college? Will you try to continue to promote Supplier Diversity?

After graduation, I plan to work as a management or financial consultant. I will try my best to promote Supplier Diversity Initiative in the company that I work at. I also want to consult small and diverse business owners to help them be successful.

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