Small Business Seattle #1: Gourmondo Catering Co.

Gourmondo's Lunch Boxes

Gourmondo's Lunch Boxes

The Supplier Diversity program is happy to introduce our next column within the blog titled "Small Business Seattle", in which we shine light on local, minority or women-led business organizations. We cover various types of organizations ranging from food to apparel; art to technology. The fact that Seattle has continuously grown to be one of the more innovative cities with big opportunities that allow startups or big companies to settle is why we're interested in introducing and supporting local organizations. Most importantly, with the many opportunities open for entrepreneurs from different background, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity, Seattle has become home to the most diverse suppliers - "The City defines firms as at least 51 percent owned by women and/or minority" ( 

With that being said, we are excited and honored to introduce our first organization for Small Business Seattle with none other than Gourmondo Catering Co. 

One of the very nice things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.
— Luciano Pavarotti

The quote above is not a mere quote found on Google, rather it is a quote that Gourmondo Catering proudly displays on their website. 

What is Gourmondo Catering Co.?

Gourmondo Catering Co. is a women-led catering company that provides food services for formal various types of events. They believe in using the freshest ingredients that derive from local vendors and small organic farms. Founded by Alissa Leinonen and two other partners in 1996, Gourmondo started as a tiny 470 sq. ft. café next to a tattoo parlor in the backside of Seattle’s Pike Place Market. 21 years later, Gourmondo is now a thriving catering company that continuously provide the local cafes with the freshest meals. Gourmondo offers both Box Lunches and Buffets for different events and food retailers.  For clients or customers who enjoy Gourmondo's individual dish, they have their own cafe that serves loyal or new customers with their coveted sandwiches and other loved dishes. 

In addition to supplying cafes and supporting events with their service, Gourmondo also partners with local social cause organizations to help low income population in Washington to get nutritious and fresh food. Currently, they are partnering their Box Lunches with to ensure all of the kids in Washington regarding the ability to get their school meals. 

Meet the CEO 

Alissa Leinonen, CEO

Alissa Leinonen, CEO

Other Information

To learn more about Gourmondo Catering Co. or information regarding their products and services, visit their website.

Location of Gourmondo Catering Co.: 

One of Gourmondo's dishes: Chiogga Beet on Rye Crisp  

One of Gourmondo's dishes: Chiogga Beet on Rye Crisp 

Alissa Leinonen is one of the three founders of Gourmondo Catering Co. We had the privilege to interview her about her secret behind the success of Gourmondo. She was able to provide us with inspirational motto and advice for young entrepeneurs. Leinonen says,“Nothing came easy at Gourmondo… To really be successful in business, you have to just dive right in. It doesn’t matter how smart you are, how educated you are, how much experience or money you have-- what really matters is that you fundamentally believe in yourself and you’re willing to take risk.” 

Leinonen emphasizes and believes in the idea of "there's no success without trials of error". Creating a successful business does not come quickly -- she does not think that many young aspire-to-be entrepreneurs understand this rational yet hard to grasp concept of building an empire. She wants to instill this following statement into young entrepeneurs' minds: " “If you’re willing to take some risk and you believe in what you’re doing, you’re going to get there. Money will come and go, and when the money's not there, if you’re really committed and passionate about what you’re doing, you’re always going to go where you want to go… You have to be patient. Too many people get impatient and give up. Success comes, but it never comes on your timeline. ”





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